Keywords of the project FP7-INEMAD are INovation (farming practices, systems and various collaborative forms), Nutrient (phosphorus, nitrogen, carbon and potassium) and MIXings flows of FARM products (at various levels: farm, district or landscape).



INEMAD will concentrate on innovative strategies to reconnect livestock and crop production farming systems. New flows of energy and materials within the agricultural sector (or linked to the agricultural sector) will be analyzed and will create opportunities for re-thinking the relation between crop and livestock production. Various options to cope with recycling, greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, and bio-based economy will need an integral assessment on energy and nutrient flows and will cause new arrangements between firms, land use and land management.

INEMAD will address the question of what new methods and how new arrangements should be developed to restore the recycling within the specialization context.

The project INEMAD fits in the development strategy of a sustainable European Knowledge Based Bio-Economy as pointed out in the Europe 2020 strategy and in the Lund declaration. The reconnection of livestock and crop production will stimulate the primary production while mitigating the impact on climate change. INEMAD will increase and broaden the primary production and reduce the reliance on chemical fertilizers and external energy input. As such it will contribute to the shift from the fossil resource-based industries to more sustainable, efficient and competitive bio-industries. INEMAD will do this through analyzing how various flows of biomass and by-products can be converted to renewable green fertilizer. INEMAD can thus contribute to increase the food security for Europe in view of the increase in global demand, environmental restrictions and intensified competition for land for feed, food and non-food production.

To realize these ambitions, the leading principle of INEMAD is a triangular enlargement of the traditional farming systems with a processing system. Processing is proposed as a third system, to be linked with crop and the livestock production, in order to increase agricultural productivity while reducing external energy input and closing nutrient cycle. Nutrient recycling can be done by biogas production and the use of digestate as fertilizer. Digestate can not only replace the manure but also chemical fertilizer because of its comparable properties. INEMAD will analyze improvements options for biogas plants, valorization options for the digestate, improve the management by the use of optimization models and compare organizational structures.


The role of Innova Energy in the FP7-INEMAD project:

Innova Energy (and by extension Innova Manure) will be involved in practical R&D concerning nutrient mitigation processes as well as nutrient recovery processes in manure and digestate treatment (WP3). It will give additional logistic and infrastructural support to the academic (and private) partners in this work package (Ecochem, Acrres, DLV, Eneco, LDAR). Innova Energy will also contribute with added descriptive research on digestate upgrading and export for Belgium to France (in collaboration with LDAR France and DLV Belgium). Innova Energy will also provide full-scale demonstrations for different types of processes as they are employed in Flanders to serve as an example for other European regions with similar nutrient related problems.

The role of DLV in the FP7-INEMAD project:

DLV contributes to the project with information on the gas potential and energy potential of crops, biomass and waste. In another work package there will be tested whether the use of optimization software developed by the consortium can be used in the currently used software by DLV to advice farmers: EasyMap. DLV will also contribute by providing the descriptions on the Belgian nutrient cycling policies.

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